OceanAlpha Develop Unmanned Vessel Solution for Oil and Gas Company | OceanAlpha

In order to provide efficient and low-labor-cost replenishment transportation and patrol monitoring solutions for oil and gas platforms, Oceanalpha made an USV application demonstration for CNOOC.

The client watched the whole process of M75 USV being launched, high-speed patrolling at sea, transporting supplies, and being recovered. The clients are highly impressed by the feasibility of daily applications of unmanned ships.

Integrated with radar detection, self-driving and rescuing modules, being able to deploy different equipment, M75 unmanned vessel has outstanding performance during night shifts and can perform multiple missions autonomously, especially high-speed surveillance and water rescue.

The 5.2-meter-long USV can transport 200 kg of supplies or instruments. It has a maximum speed of 30kn and can continuously sail for 12nm. It can also be deployed with rescue equipment like ejectable life-raft, remote controlled life bed or lifebuoy to conduct rescuing missions in different water environment.




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