ME40 Conducts Autonomous Bathymetric Survey in Zhenjiang city | OceanAlpha

Time: April, 2015
Location: Jiangxinzhou, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu
Company: Shanghai Waterway Engineering Design and Consulting Co.,Ltd.
Project Background:
The survey project needs to measure the depth of shallow water area in Yangtze River. The survey area is 50m to the bank and 4km long, in which are full of crushed stones. It is impossible for manned ship to survey in this area. Autonomous boat with low draft is perfect to operate in shallow area.

Equipment list

  1. ME40 autonomous survey boat
  2. Base station
  3. Teledyne Odom singlebeam echo sounder

Application advantage

  1. Labor-cost reduction. With ME40 autonomous survey boat, survey can be easily operated by two people instead of a group of workers.
  2. Wider coverage. The lowest draft of the ME40 is 25cm, enabling it to operate in shallow water where big ships are unable to enter.
  3. Accurate survey route. The survey route iscreated by software automatically and high accuracy can be achieved by smart control of RTK GPS navigation.
  4. Real-time monitor and data output. Video monitoring and ultrasonic obstacle avoidance ensure safety on water. The survey data can be stored and processed in the software.


High route accuracy and full access of shallow water bring great convenience and benefitto survey task. As a new efficient tool, the applications of USV in hydrographic survey has been widely accepted.

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