425 Dolphin 1 Are Distributed to Fishermen For Free | OceanAlpha

On August 29, Shouguang Marine Fishery Development Center equipped all marine fishing boats with a capacity of over 110 kilowatts with Dolphin 1 remote-controlled lifebuoys. 425 Dolphin 1s were distributed free of charge to eligible local fishermen. OceanAlpha technicians provided detailed training on site.

When fishermen are working at sea, accidents of falling into the water occasionally occur due to factors such as weather and sea conditions. Many traditional fishing boats use propellers, and there is a risk of secondary injury when trying to approach and pick up people in the water. Secondly, rescue on fishing boats often rely on throwing lifebuoys, life rods or personal launching, with low accuracy and high risk.

The Dolphin is rugged, portable, easy to use, and can be operated by a single person. It is very suitable for rescue in various waters and can fundamentally solve the series of pain points in traditional rescue.