Dolphin 1 Demonstrated in Water Emergency Rescue Drill | OceanAlpha

Eight unmanned surface rescue vessel(USRV) were demonstrated in a water emergency rescue drill held by the Qingyuan Municipal Government on the city’s main river, Beijiang.

In order to improve the government’s emergency response capabilities to water incidents, the Qingyuan Municipal Government held a comprehensive water emergency rescue drill in earlier December. Starred by unmanned technologies, including drones and unmanned surface rescue vessels (USRV), the drill distinctively showed the government’s success in acquiring the latest technology to improve their service capability.

In the live demonstration, right upon detecting eight people falling into the water, the drone patrol formation sent an alert and the location information to the command center to request rescue action.

Due to the turbulent currents and the distance from the shore, it was impossible to reach the victims by a traditional lifebuoy. The responders piloted a fleet of Dolphin 1 USRV remotely to pick up the victims and bring them back to the dry land.

“The drill demonstrated the efficiency and accuracy of rescue operation leveraged by unmanned technology,” said Mr. Yin Zhao, Secretary of Qingyuan Municipal Party Committee.

Dolphin 1 is independently developed and produced by Hong Kong company OceanAlpha. It was launched on the market in 2019 and obtained the China Classification Society approval certificate in 2020. The product has been sold to more than 30 countries around the world, bringing intelligent revolution to the water safety sector.