Oceanalpha Assist Middle School in Unmanned Boat Project | OceanAlpha

Date: 2018.07

Teachers and the principle of Pui Ching Middle School Macau paid a visit to Oceanalpha with expectation of deepening cooperation to better cultivate students’ interest in unmanned boats and ocean safety and rescue. Founder of Oceanalpha, Yunfei Zhang, is highly supportive of the idea and pleased to offer assistance in instruments and training in the future projects. In 2017, Oceanalpha has offered technical assistance to the students’ Smart Pleco multi-function water environmental protection unmanned boat project which had won the Third Prize of Intel ISEF in the UK.

Factory tour


USV demonstration
Visit the testing harbor
Meeting with Yunfei Zhang, founder of Oceanalpha

If you would also like to pay a visit to Oceanalpha, please contact sales@Oceanalpha.com.