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On 9th August, Dolphin 1 Water Rescue Robot Successfully Rescues a Drowning Teenager from the Rough Waves.

At around 18:00, the Shawo Police Station of Weihai Maritime Police Detachment receives an alarm for help. A 15-year-old youngster is swept out to the sea, approximately 100m far from shore, by a strong undercurrent when he is swimming along the coast. 

The maritime police rush to the scene immediately with Dolphin 1 Remote-Controlled Lifebuoy. When they arrive, the eyewitnesses quickly point out the exact location of the drowning teenager and note that the young man has been struggling on the water for more than half an hour. The wave is too rough to swim back to shore, which puts him in a precarious situation.

The police launch the Dolphin 1 lifebuoy to rescue him at once. Dolphin1 rides the huge waves to approach the drowning teen at its max speed and reaches him in a very short time under the remote control of the police.

Fortunately, the youngster successfully grabs Dolphin 1 soon and is brought back to shallow water safely and stably. The police officers wade into the water to take the boy to a safe place for a further physical checkup.

According to Gong Zhengqing, deputy director of Shawo Police Station, the Dolphin 1 Water Rescue Robot was previously purchased by the Maritime Police Detachment of Weihai City to specifically equip the first responders for quicker and safer water rescue.

It is a notable example of many successful use cases of Dolphin 1, a portable, easy-to-use and affordable electric watercraft to assist rescuers worldwide in guarding a wider water area. The Remote-Controlled Lifebuoy can also support the rescue team to save victims trapped in floods.

According to WHO’s global report, drownings claim the lives of 372 000 people each year. The invention of the Dolphin1 water rescue robot is expected to enhance the efficiency of water rescue and reduce risks for rescuers under various streamflow conditions.

Video Credit: Maritime Police Detachment of Weihai City

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