OceanAlpha Launches the Dolphin 1 Unmanned Surface Rescue Vehicle (USRV) | OceanAlpha
The Dolphin 1 is a smart, buoyant, unmanned life-saving device that is battery powered and remotely navigated and now available for orders.

Since the Dolphin 1, a water rescue robot, can be easily stored, transported, and deployed, it drastically improves workflows for water rescuers, marinas, and offshore oil and gas platforms and will decrease overall costs and risks involved with search and rescue missions. Since the Dolphin 1 operates equally well in all types of water environments, it is the ideal device to augment or replace personal flotation devices and other water vehicles like jet skis or small craft.

Victims are often unprepared for the water and panic when confronted with conditions that are beyond nominal. In these situations, unlike other water rescue equipment, when time is of the essence, the Dolphin’s 500m range and almost 10 miles/hour speed allow it to be quickly deployed and remote control rescue facilitates navigation toward a victim in distress. Additionally, high penetration flashing lights located near the front top of the Dolphin 1 provide increased visibility in fog and at night, reducing the risk of losing sight of the victim and enabling rescuers to maintain a vantage point.

Dolphin 1 USRVs are available from the Ocean Alpha team directly and begin shipping in June 2019. For sales information, simply fill out the information request form at OceanAlpha.com and team members will provide pricing and specification info.

Dolphin 1 Product Page: https://www.oceanalpha.com/product-item/dolphin-i/

OceanAlpha is the largest Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) company in the world, having been named in a 2018 report by the Marine Technology Reporter Magazine as one of the Top 100 Compelling Companies serving the subsea industry. Employing more than 100 engineers and holding more than 90 USV related patents, OceanAlpha is the industry leader.