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NewYork, April. 3, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)—New York time April 3, 2017, an “Oceanalpha USV says hello to the world” message appeared at the Time Square. Oceanalpha company brings their newest intelligent robotic technology to New York. Oceanalpha focuses on developing & manufacturing unmanned surface vehicles(USV). Oceanalpha offers world-leading USV solutions for water environment sampling& monitoring, hydrographic survey, water surface cleaning, underwater exploration, marine application and etc.

American water environmental workers are getting to know more about our Autonomous Sampling & Monitoring Boat ESM30.

With advanced intelligent technology and deep understanding of user working environment, Oceanalpha autonomous boat have already served clients from industrial company, government office, research institutes and universities etc. It’s been proved that Oceanalpha’s product is a maneuverable and reliable way to improve working efficiency on water. Oceanalpha’s main product lines are as below:

Autonomous Sampling and Monitoring boat:

Oceanalpha Unmanned surface vehicle is studied and operated on spot in United states Water Quality Monitoring conference.

This USV is designed for fast water quality sampling and monitoring. It integrates with multi parameters sondes to perform online water quality monitoring and also equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors and real-time video transmission. The boat size is 1.15×0.75×0.43m and only 26kg weight which makes it super easy to carry on the back of a SUV or trunk. It has been widely used for routine water sampling & monitoring, emergency pollution accidents or research in complicated environment.

Remotely Operated measurement boat: 
Remotely operated measurement boat is a small, exquisite and firm intelligent remote control measurement boat deployed with ADCP instruments, which provides a convenient and safe way of hydrology measurement for operators. The body is made of high-strength glass fabric composite material, which is very sturdy and durable. The smallest model is of 128cm length and of about 9.8kg weight. It can easily be put into a small car by one person.

Staff can enjoy the sight of unmanned surface vehichle working autonomously on shore.

Autonomous Hydrographic Survey boat:

The Survey boat combines advanced intelligent navigation water-surfaced robot technology with ocean survey and supervision technology. The whole survey system includes the simple beam depth finder, side-scan sonar system, double-frequency GPS attitude instrument system and a data radio station used for data real-time transmission measurement. Since the draft of our survey boat is only 20cm, it gives perfect survey performance in offshore & shallow water area.

Oceanalpha will make continuous effortsto develop more advanced USV solution to serve people’s life.

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