Oceanalpha Visit Drone Company EHANG to Explore Unmanned Technology | OceanAlpha

On July 23, 2018, the team from Oceanalpha visited the headquarters of a drone company, EHANG, in Guangzhou, China.

As introduced by EHANG’s sales director, EHANG is a leading advocate of the global civilian drone industry practicing multiple innovative ideas including smart software-based control, integrated experience of smartphone-tilting remote control and VR goggles, fully-automated drone swarm formation flight, autonomous self-driving passenger drones and 3D aerial transport, etc.

During the visit, the two companies passionately discussed how to expand the utilization of unmanned vehicles in more industries worldwide and how the unmanned vehicles can cooperate in different domains to achieve larger economic benefit.

“In the near future, it’s highly likely that we start the alliance from building a joint dispatch & command center, a testing center, or unite to present joint performances” stated Ran Zhang, international business director of Oceanalpha.

As a matter of fact, the two companies have already had their first cooperation in earlier 2018. Unmanned boats from Oceanalpha and drones from EHANG formed an unmanned fleet to perform a stunning lighting show on Chinese National New Year Gala and won glowing reviews from worldwide.






EHANG also showcased its latest featured product, the 184 autonomous aerial vehicles, the very first passenger drone in the world. It caused the association with Oceanalpha’s unmanned cargo, the Cloudborne, which’s expected to be launched by the end of 2018 and achieve commercial operation globally in 2019. In the future, it’s foreseeable that the drones and USV would become the key vehicles of sky and sea, freeing human from the pilot seat to enjoy high-efficient, safe and intelligent transportation.