OceanAlpha’s 5G unmanned ship unveiled at Mobile World Congress | OceanAlpha

On February 25th, the Mobile World Congress 2019 opened in Barcelona, Spain, and the fifth generation of mobile communication technology (5G) became the hottest topic.

Jointly developed by Ericsson, China Mobile, and OceanAlpha, a 5G unmanned boat is unveiled at a live Broadband IoT demo, becoming another focus besides the 5G mobile phone.

The demo showcases with an environmental smart vessel –an unmanned boat that operates over a 4G network – that can quickly and efficiently resolve water pollution by collecting water quality monitoring data, identifying the cause of the pollutant with HD cameras and taking necessary measures to address these pollutants.

In the demonstration, the OceanAlpha 5G unmanned boat is set in a pool outside the exhibition hall, while visitors could issue an automatic driving instruction to the boat in the exhibition hall, and drive the unmanned boat remotely through the console. Visitors can grasp the driving environment information by the HD video returned by the boat camera and other real-time information on the big screen in front of the console. The demo attracted a lot of visitors to operate and query.

According to Ran Zhang, general manager of OceanAlpha, “Relying on 5G communication technology, OceanAlpha’s unmanned boat can conduct water area monitoring, VR back-end demonstration, water quality monitoring, remote application control, and autopilot. This will completely change the traditional operation of the hydrological survey, water quality sampling & monitoring,  environmental law enforcement and other water ecological environment monitoring and supervision by effectively enhances data accuracy, reduces costs and improves work efficiency.”