OceanAlpha L25 Marine Survey USV | OceanAlpha Unmanned Surface Vehicle

L25 multi-purpose surveying unmanned vessel is LARGE size platform designed for hydrographic surveys in coastal areas and oceans. With modular catamaran design and flexible payload for instruments, L25 is expected to deliver high-quality survey performance with multi-beam sonar and different kinds of hydrographic and monitoring instruments in the ocean.




—   L25 USV Application Industries  —

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Oil & Gas Offshore Wind Farm Port / Harbor Manage Nearshore Construction
Sea Mining Fishery / Marine Ranch Seawater Desalting Marine Biological Research


—  L25 USV Excellent Overall Design  —

The dimension of the L25 unmanned surface vehicle is 7.5m(L) * 2.8m(W), weighs 2400kg, bears 200KG payload capability, is made of aluminium and carbon fibre materials suitable for high salinity seawater, and is anti-corrosive. Catamaran hull design greatly enhances sailing stability, enabling a top survey speed of 4kn and endurance of 65hrs.


—   USV Ground Control  —

                       Remote Control

Autonomous Control

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—  Large Capacity for Multi-function Instruments  —

The USV has excellent cruise ability with autonomous navigation and intelligent obstacle avoidance functions to fit itself in large-scale inshore mapping; its 200KG payload capability allows it to carry SBES, MBES, 3D Lidar Scanner, Sidescan Sonar(SSS), Forward-looking Sonar, Interferometric Sonar, Weather Sation, ADCP and Water Quality Probe to be a multi-purposed unmanned ship for oceanographic survey in the deep ocean.

Teledyne RESON T50/T51
Kongsberg EM2040P MKII
Edgetech 6205
Klein System 4900
Innomar ses 2000
Edgetech 3400 OTS
Seaspy Magnetometer
Geometrics G-882
Kongsberg TOPAS PS120
Kongsberg EA440
Edgetech 4205
Merlin LIDAR
Teledyne RDI ADCP


—  Highlight

Longer Endurance, High Efficiency

· The internal combustion engine can extend the battery life to 72 hours.

· Long endurance enables round-clock inspection, feedbacking real-time data & video.

Advanced Design for Easy Configuration

· Small A-frame and winch support towing survey, cable length up to 200 meters;

· Foldable lifter protects instrument’s wet ends and offers greater payload capacity

Stable Working Conditions for Survey

· Excellent stability, roll range smaller than 10 degrees in SS4.

· Catamaran design significantly reduces swaying and spray foam, providing stable and quiet working conditions for acoustic equipment

· Low-noise electric Plug-in thruster reduces signal-to-noise ratio by 20%

Autonomous Control with High Precision

· Radar, HD camera and AIS sensing enabling highly sensitive environmental perception

· Dual engine and dual propeller providing large torque, L25 can rotate in situ

· Able to navigate closely around constructions for zoom-in inspection

· Autonomous navigation algorithm, advanced obstacle avoidance algorithm and propulsion control algorithm applied to minimise the risk of collision

Auto Return

· During a mission, if the L25 loses communication or is about to run out of power, it can automatically sail back to the designated location to avoid getting lost on the sea.

—  Specification

Hull Material Aluminum Alloy
Dimension (L)7.5 m *(W)2.8 m*3m(H)
Weight 2400 kg
Payload 200 kg
Draft 40 cm
Propulsion Propeller × 2 + Outboard Diesel Engine 50HP × 2
Collision Avoidance System Side light/AIS/Navigation Radar/4*HD Camera
Communication Range >10 km
Max. Speed 10 knots
Endurance 65h @ Survey Speed 4kn
Video Monitoring Yes
Multi Missions Yes
Automatic Paload Lifter Yes
Operation Sea State SS 3