ME120 USVs Grouped Up to Survey Ocean Surface with CTD | OceanAlpha

Date:    November 20, 2019

Location:   Southeast sea area off Wanshan island, Zhuhai

Platform:  ME120 unmanned surface vessel

This sea trial is carried out under the Rapid Networking Observation Project of Air-Sea Interface Parameters, a key research and development plan of China.

Two unmanned surface vessel(USV), also known as autonomous surface vessel(ASV), from OceanAlpha, were applied in this trial to conduct physical oceanography survey with equipment like CTD. The team assessed the communication range, endurance, and data transmission performance of the USVs to evaluate if and how they can be widely deployed in the project.

The USVs being launched from the mother ship

ME120 working on the sea

ME120 grouped up to conduct the survey

Surveyor monitor the networking operation remotely


Conclusion: The ME120 USV successfully collected consistent conductivity, temperature, and depth from the survey area, basing on stable line-tracking and real-time data transmission performance. The trial proved the feasibility of applying medium-size unmanned surface vessels like ME120 in the networking survey of surface physical oceanology elements.



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