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    Unmanned Ships Applied to Protect Threatened Marine Lives

    An OceanAlpha M40P USV equipped with passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) instrument is applied to monitor and investigate the population of Chinese White Dolphins that inhabit the National Nature Reserve in Pearl River Estuary of Guangdong.

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    OceanAlpha Features USV Portfolio at OI 2022

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    OceanAlpha Celebrates 5 Years of Serving Water Supplies Department HK to Secure Drinking Water Safety

    Since 2017, The Water Supplies Department (“WSD”) Hong Kong has introduced five autonomous water sampling and monitoring boats from OceanAlpha in batches. These unmanned surface vessels (“USVs”) regularly monitor water quality in the impounding reservoir to keep track of water quality.

  • First Responders Receive Unmanned Water Rescue Technology Training

    In the “Water Rescue” scenario, demonstration and training of the Dolphin 1 surface rescue robot received a positive response.

  • OceanAlpha Assists Water Rescuing Exercises for Operation Team of CGNR Offshore Wind Farm

    OceanAlpha supports CGNR Offshore Wind Farm (Jiangsu) to organize water rescuing exercises to improve the team’s response to safety emergency incidents.

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  • Mystery of Antarctica
    Unmanned Technology Unveiling the Mystery of Antarctica — USV Fills Data Gap for Polar Expedition

    In last November, four unmanned surface vessels(USVs) from Oceanalpha Co., Ltd teamed up with the Snow Dragon Antarctica expedition ship all the way south to the Ross Sea to assist the construction.

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    The OceanAlpha USV Workshop Certified 8 Trainees From 6 Companies

    Guests from 6 companies join the 3-day event to learn and share the latest technology of USV and its widening application in different fields.

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  • Singapore Water Supplies Department Promotes USV Technology
    Singapore Water Supplies Department Promotes USV Technology

    From July 8 to 12, Oceanalpha is co-exhibiting with Singapore PUB Water Supplies Department at Singapore International Water Week to promote unmanned surface vessel(USV) as a new officially-recognized technology to conduct water management.

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  • USV Causes Hot Discussion at China Israel Summit
    USV Causes Hot Discussion at China-Israel Summit

    On July 2nd, the 4th China – Israel Innovation & Investment Summit was held in Zhuhai, China. Unmanned surface vessels(USV) technology brought hot discussion at the summit.

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  • Oceanalpha Assist Middle School in Unmanned Boat Project
    Oceanalpha Assist Middle School in Unmanned Boat Project

    Teachers and the principle of Pui Ching Middle School Macau paid a visit to Oceanalpha with expectation of deepening cooperation to better cultivate students’ interest in unmanned boats and ocean safety and rescue.

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  • The 5th Oceanalpha USV technology workshop held Successfully
    The 5th Oceanalpha USV technology workshop held Successfully

    10 agents working with the bathymetric survey, hydrographic survey and environmental protection coming from Russia, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Italy, France Canada and Kuwait participated in the three-day program.

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