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    The First USV Pilot Technique Competition Held in Zhuhai

    The first USV Pilot Technique Competition kicked off in Xiangshan Marine Technology Bay in Zhuhai, China. Contestants competed on both theoretical knowledge and field operation for the final award.

  • CIOReview - Autonomous Maritime Surveys Driven by USVs

    OceanAlpha is honored to announced that the company has been included in the 20 Most Promising Marine Tech Solution Providers in 2019 list by CIOReview magazine in the special edition of Marine Tech 2019.

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    OceanAlpha Provide USV Solution To Hong Kong Maritime Safety Administration

    OceanAlpha provides a series of smart, compact, and high efficient USV product solutions to help the government improve working efficiency and cut operation costs.

  • Remote control lifebuoy 1

    OceanAlpha Launches the Dolphin 1 Unmanned Surface Rescue Vehicle (USRV)

    The Dolphin 1 is a smart, buoyant, unmanned life-saving device that is battery powered and remotely navigated and now available in North America.

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  • Mystery of Antarctica
    Unmanned Technology Unveiling the Mystery of Antarctica — USV Fills Data Gap for Polar Expedition

    In last November, four unmanned surface vessels(USVs) from Oceanalpha Co., Ltd teamed up with the Snow Dragon Antarctica expedition ship all the way south to the Ross Sea to assist the construction.

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    The OceanAlpha USV Workshop Certified 8 Trainees From 6 Companies

    Guests from 6 companies join the 3-day event to learn and share the latest technology of USV and its widening application in different fields.

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  • Singapore Water Supplies Department Promotes USV Technology
    Singapore Water Supplies Department Promotes USV Technology

    From July 8 to 12, Oceanalpha is co-exhibiting with Singapore PUB Water Supplies Department at Singapore International Water Week to promote unmanned surface vessel(USV) as a new officially-recognized technology to conduct water management.

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  • USV Causes Hot Discussion at China Israel Summit
    USV Causes Hot Discussion at China-Israel Summit

    On July 2nd, the 4th China – Israel Innovation & Investment Summit was held in Zhuhai, China. Unmanned surface vessels(USV) technology brought hot discussion at the summit.

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  • Oceanalpha Assist Middle School in Unmanned Boat Project
    Oceanalpha Assist Middle School in Unmanned Boat Project

    Teachers and the principle of Pui Ching Middle School Macau paid a visit to Oceanalpha with expectation of deepening cooperation to better cultivate students’ interest in unmanned boats and ocean safety and rescue.

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  • The 5th Oceanalpha USV technology workshop held Successfully
    The 5th Oceanalpha USV technology workshop held Successfully

    10 agents working with the bathymetric survey, hydrographic survey and environmental protection coming from Russia, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Italy, France Canada and Kuwait participated in the three-day program.

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